Alpha is a course for anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith or just exploring the meaning of life. Courses take place over ten weeks, with each evening consisting of supper, a short talk and then free discussion in a friendly small group setting. No question is too simple or too controversial!

Alpha courses are running up and down the country and in fact all around the world, so for more details of the course itself or find a course closer to where you live, you can either visit the national website or now you can also visit the local website, at

Having joined a town-wide launch in January 2017, we are currently running a course at Rosie's Tearooms in the town centre.  If there is sufficient interest, we are always happy to put on additional courses to suit those who want to explore!
For more information or to request a course, please contact Ed and Kate Evans.

To find other courses in the Abingdon area, you can always check the Abingdon Alpha website.


Youth Alpha

In the past, we have run seperate Youth Alpha courses for those ages 11-18, together with other churches.  Unfortunately, we have no immediate plans for another such course but we could start one if there was sufficient interest so do let us know if you'd like to be kkept in touch with what's happening.  For more information contact Nikki Gibbins.