Core values - are you with us?

When we looked again at our core values a few years ago, we took the opportunity to give a few questions that challenge each of us in the church as to whether these are values we are really living by together.  They are designed to be quite hard-hitting and challenging - none of us are perfect but sometimes we need to be confronted to take another little step forward!  If you attend elsewhere (or nowhere), you may also find these questions helpful. We are certainly not the perfect Church but we would like you to grow more into these things, so either come along or be fully committed into a church near you - receiving all that God has for you there, but also giving back what God has put in you.

1) Called to...  live in the presence of God.  Are you with us?

Are you hungry for more of God's presence - do you think about it often?
Are you feeding on God's word regularly - are you communing with Him?
Do you meet regularly with others to pray and/or study the Word?
Do you give yourself fully in worship both on your own and with the Church?
Do you come expecting to encounter God & ready to share what He's given you?
Do you make the most of opportunities to be in His presence together in a special way e.g. meetings, days away, conferences, soaking sessions?
Are there areas of your life that you are hesitant to let God touch & direct?
Are there past hurts or present sins that you need God to set you free from?
Do you step out in Spiritual gifts regularly - expecting the supernatural?

2) Called to... be the family of God.  Are you with us?

Do you see yourself as part of this church because you attend its meetings or do you feel ‘part of the family’ – treating others as your brothers & sisters?
Do you regularly get together with others outside meetings, especially to eat?
Are you regularly part of a small group – the best connection to family?
Where does your tithe go? (Whether you tithe is about you and God but where it goes is a good indication of your ‘home’, your family!)
Do you regularly pray with others in the church?
Are you willing to receive fatherhood/motherhood from others in church?
Do you prioritise important family gatherings (OCC celebrations, summer camps, men’s/ladies’ days, other Salt & Light events) ?
Do you take your part of the responsibility to care for/support others in the family?
Do you seek to be inclusive, relating to everyone in the family and welcoming new people whenever you can?

3) Called to... continual growth in God.  Are you with us?

Are you committed to the ongoing transformation that comes with being a disciple?
Do you constantly look to the Spirit to challenge and change your thinking, attitudes and actions?
Do you have a personal mentor who knows what’s going on at and under the surface in your life, to whom you are accountable and from whom you accept challenge and provocation?
Are you aware of your God-given SHAPE (Skills, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences), and seeking ways to use this to serve God both in the church and more widely for His kingdom? (as a starter think about 'motivational' gifts in Rom 12:3-8)
Do you make the most of opportunities for training in character, content (theology!) and conduct (ministry, using your God-given talents)?
Are there things holding you back in your walk with God that you need to walk free of, by the Spirit's power?
Do you look for opportunities ('eagerly desire') to step out in new ways as the Spirit leads (e.g. what about new gifts like those in 1 Cor 12:7-11)?
Do you look for practical ways to apply the Word God speaks to you - whether from the Bible, through church talks, in small groups or coming through other individuals?  Do you ask/allow those around you to hold you to account for these?


4) Called to... reach the lost.  Are you with us?

Do you believe you are called to be a ‘fisher of men’?
Are you ready to give the reason for the hope that you have? (1 Pet 3:15)
Are you a joyful witness to what God has done in your life?
Do you know the gospel, and are you convinced it has power to change lives?
Do you need to deal with unbelief in yourself with regard to seeing people you know come to saving faith in Christ, get baptised and become disciples?
Do you have good relationships with not yet Christians?  Do you prioritise making friends with and loving them as best you can?
Do you go out of your way to make contact with lost and needy people?
Do you regularly offer to pray with those you meet who are in need of a touch from God – for healing, for deliverance, for provision, for peace etc?
How often to you invite people to find out more at Alpha, Journeys, in your home or by coming to church / Sunday cafes / other events?
Have you ‘popped the question’ to anyone recently? Are you ready to?

5) Called to... transform our community.  Are you with us?

Are you passionate about seeing God change Abingdon and its surrounding area?
Has God given you vision for a particular area/ group / part of the community?
Are you praying for our town, community, society and government (at every level)?
Are you active in making a difference in our community?
Do you get involved in petitioning for righteousness & justice at various levels?
Could you get involved with one of these projects running already or hoping to start up?