During the week


Housegroups are central to church life. Groups of 8 to 15 people meet in various homes each week for Bible study, prayer and mutual support and encouragement. They’re a great way to make friends, develop gifts and ministries, and grow as a Christian at ACC. We believe church is all about relationships; our relationship with God and our relationship with each other. There are usually several groups running on various evenings, however, as we are currently taking 40 days as a church to seek God and pray for the future vision and leadership of the church, housegroups are currently on hold, being replaced by "Houses of Prayer".  These are similar in nature to a housegroup, but we a focus on waiting on God, worship & praying for the church and one another as we move into a new season together.

They meet on three different evenings to try to make it possible for everyone to make one of them:

Tuesday evenings at Andrew & Jenni Schofield's house (South Abingdon)

Wednesday evenings at Robin & Lisa Howard's house (Sutton Courtenay, a village just South of Abingdon)

Thursday evenings at John & Ann Stedman's house (North Abingdon).

To get further details, including addresses, please email our pastor, Ed Evans, on ed@abingdoncc.org.uk.


Other activities

We run many other activities mid-week at various times including social events, outreach actvities and courses of various sorts.

We often run Alpha, a course that gives people space to explore the meaning of life and explore the Christian faith in a relaxed environment - more details on the Alpha page.

We also sometimes run marriage courses, parenting courses and CAP money courses (helping people to manage their finances, rather than feeling under pressure from them) - please get in touch if any of these might be of interest to you and we will let you have details of the next course.