The slave girl and the general

The story of Naaman is well known but there are in fact a number of characters.  How did they react to their world even when it wasn't their first choice world?  What can we learn from them?

The servant girl: away from her famly, now a slave - yet in this 'second choice world' she pointed to God.

The king of Aram: likely to lose his best soldier - yet took a chance on Israel's God.

The king of Israel: fearful when confronted with a surprising request - let the situation prevent him seeing God.

Naaman himself: everything was going well when he was suddenly confronted with a second choice world - yet he let go of his pride and trusted God in it.

Gerhazi: wanted something different for himself than what God has given, so tried to take it - yet God knew and he lost everything.

How do we react to what might be less than ideal in our lives?  God is always with us, we have to learn to walk with him in the good and the bad, the planned and the unexpected.

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Lisa Howard
25 October 2015
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