What has God got in store for ACC?

Today, Ed talked about where he believes our church is going in the next season, picking up on the prophetic encouragement from the recent OCC celebration on 14th May.

He had already planned to talk about the new season of our life as a church family, prompted by the impending 25th anniversary of the church and key changes God has already been speaking about: a new community group and project in South Abingdon, changes to the organisation of OCC and wanting to raise a new generation of leaders in ACC.  However, 2 weeks ago at the OCC Celebration, Martin Dunkley gave a strong prophetic message for our OCC familt from Deuteronomy 11. We believe this message is an important promise and a challenge to each one of us, but also to our church as a whole, so Ed talked about what it means for us here in Abingdon and for all those new steps we had already felt God talking about.

God has a next step for each one of us and His calling is always, on the face of it, beyond our abilities. But God will always walk with us and help us to go beyond what we can do by ourselves.
What "fields" is he talking about trasforming in your life?
What step of faith (risk) is he asking you to take to move into the next phase of his purposes for you?
God has promised a new land, watered with rain from heaven, and a new flow of love and grace that is 100% Him, not of us - all we have to do is take the step to be in a position to receive it.

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Ed Evans
29 May 2016
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