Youth and Schools Work

At ACC we believe that it is important to be available to the youth of our town as well as the church and as such, have a team of people who work in the various schools in the town and well as working along side other Christian workers and volunteers in the town.  We also encourage members of the church to get involved in local schools, serving as volunteer readers or governors or helping in practical ways - as well as supporting those running the various activities...

  • Nikki Hellem is our full time Youth and Schools Worker.

    Nikki leads the lunch clubs at Larkmead Schools and the youth activities at ACC and is very involved in establishing prayer spaces in local schools.

   She is also a member of the Desire Team and the OCC regional youthwork team in South Oxfordshire.


Desire is a group set up consisting of Christian Youth workers and Volunteers. The aim of the group is to serve the young people in Abingdon and the surrounding area, especially in secondary schools, helping them to explore th elife that is available in Christ. They put on schools weeks, outreach events for the community and worship events for Christian young people.


Thrive - aims to reach out and mentor those young people who live in South Abingdon, which is one of the most socially deprived areas in Abingdon