The present Kingdom

Julie Graham | 9 December 2018

We start with the last 6 talks.

We have now come to the birth of Jesus.

Are you aware of the Father's LAVISH love for you.

Prophesied Kingdom

Ed Evans | 2 December 2018

Where are you wth God?

God has an answer - God has more for you.

Partial Kingdom - Land & Kingship

Dorian McCree | 25 November 2018

Joshua led the people out of the wilderness. The LORD would fight the battles providing they kept to certain conditions. Did they keep the conditions? NO.   Listen to some of their disobediences

Partial Kingdom - People & Blessing

Neil Townsend | 18 November 2018

What is God wanting from each one of us.

Based on God's People, God's Blessing. God's Place and God's King

God's promises for the Kingdom

Steve Thomas | 4 November 2018

Steve started with a talk about his family. In the same way we have a family / relationship with God. We must live on God's world but also have a relationship with him.

Tower of Babel was planned to leave God out - how often do people leave God out of their lives today - and also how often do you?

The Pattern of the Kingdom

Duncan Graham | 21 October 2018

We start a new series on the theme of God's Big Picture.

The Bible can be looked at as an overview of God's Creation.

At the middle level, we have thevarious personalities

At the bottom level we have the Pattern of the Kingdom.

There are giants in the land

Ed Evans | 14 October 2018

When the Israelites moved from the wilderness they found some giants in the promised land - but it had been promised to them.

David encounter a giant (Goliath) but had the victory.

We also encounter giants in our lives - do you know what they are - and these MUST be overcome.

YES, with Jesus, nothing is impossible.

Crossing into the Promosed Land

Ed Evans | 7 October 2018

We need to be transformed, Where do we fit in God's Bible study? We need yo refocus - obtain clarity on what we are doing.

The Promised land awaited but the people thought God could not obtain victory.

Are we going to believe God can do it?

Joshua asked - are you for us or our enemies. The response was Neither, I AM FOR THE LORD.

Don't be satisfied with the ordinary

Chris Richards | 30 September 2018

Chris Richards speaks at our regional celebration, inviting us to join in God's exciting journey of carrying his love and power to those outside the church.

Living a life of wisdom

Dorian McCree | 23 September 2018

Sleep is an important part of life - for all parts of our body.

Wisdom is rooted in reality. God's wisdom is in our world.

Challenging our choices in family, money.

We do not always understand why we are in some circumstances - sometimes good, sometimes challenging.