Don't be satisfied with the ordinary

Chris Richards | 30 September 2018

Chris Richards speaks at our regional celebration, inviting us to join in God's exciting journey of carrying his love and power to those outside the church.

Living a life of wisdom

Dorian McCree | 23 September 2018

Sleep is an important part of life - for all parts of our body.

Wisdom is rooted in reality. God's wisdom is in our world.

Challenging our choices in family, money.

We do not always understand why we are in some circumstances - sometimes good, sometimes challenging.

Fullness of Life

Lisa Howard | 16 September 2018

All emotions can be found in Psalms and there is power in saying to God how you are feeling.


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Psalms we struggle with

Ed Evans | 9 September 2018

Some Psalms we do not understand or not fruitful. We just keep to the bits we like.

The Psalms are the Spiritual side of Wisdom. People speaking to God, pointing us to Him

When Wisdom does not seem to work

Ed Evans | 15 July 2018

Wisdom is more than just Proverbs but should include Ecclesiastes. 

The Hebrew word HEBEL has numerous translations, the most fames is meaningless. However other interpretations, probably more accurate include vanity, pointless, useless, futile. 

We get frustrated as we cannot see God's long term plan, but just looking around is not sufficient.

WSisdom - of Job

Neil Townsend | 1 July 2018

We started with Neil updating where we are on the review of Abingdon CC. An important point as we want to see The Lord work in our community.


Job had everything - then had nothing.

We need to look at Eternity, not what we see today. 

Justice is a long term basis, we may not see it always in this life - but we have eternity.

Wisdom - managing your stuff

Dorian McCree | 24 June 2018

How do you manage your "stuff" - money, assets, properties.

Proverbs gives us a practical challenge, but do we use wisdom or foolish ideas.

Where does money sit in our lives?

Managing the family

Duncan Graham | 17 June 2018

The book of Proverbs was used as a basis for bringing up sons and is still relevant for bring up our sons & daughters today.

Wisdom was here before creation - Proverbs 8 23. It needs to be applied, knowledge by itself is useless

Managing Your Self

Julie Graham | 10 June 2018

Alternative title is Self Control, Continuing in Proverbs 25


We all need to exercise self control - managing our tongues.

The fear of the Lord is the start of Wisdom.

It all requires a personal relationship with God.

Self control is a fruit of the Spirit  Gal 5 v22-25

Jesus, the Wisdom of God

Neil Townsend | 20 May 2018

Neil's talk starts at the 3 minute point.


Wisdom cocers everything, starting in Genesis