An Encounter with the King - Jacob - A Life Changed

Neil Townsend | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 4

Building for the King

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 3

The King's Provision (Abundant Grace)

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 2

The King's Supremacy

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 1
How to be King’s Men…on a Monday morning

The slave girl and the general

Lisa Howard | 25 October 2015

The story of Naaman is well known but there are in fact a number of characters.  How did they react to their world even when it wasn't their first choice world?  What can we learn from them?

The servant girl: away from her famly, now a slave - yet in this 'second choice world' she pointed to God.

CAP Sunday

Ed and Cliff | 18 October 2015

Today is CAP Sunday (Christians Against Poverty).  In this country, we are amongst the richest in the world but even so there are many who are either in considerable debt already or could easily be tipped into problem debt.

The prince and the shepherd

Dorian MacCree | 4 October 2015

This week we focssued on the character of Jonathan - the crown prince of Israel, Saul's first son. He appeared to be an ideal king - AND YET...
He knew that God was planning something else, and he was willing to submit to God as the true king.

A desperate woman who changed the world

Ed Evans | 27 September 2015

At the start of our series looking at some of the lesser known charcters in OT history, we looked at Hannah.
Hannah faced a massive challenge:  she had no children. Today, many of us may be facing challenges that seem just as impossible.

Touching Heaven Changing Earth

Dee Townsend | 20 September 2015

Area Celebration
Reading 2 Cor 5: 1-21 CEV

Seeing God in history

Ed Evans | 13 September 2015

Today, God was speaking in a number of different ways.  There had been various words of encouragement before recording began to look to the Lord, but we started the recording as it became clear that there were a number of things God wanted to say.