Julie Graham | 3 May 2015

This morning we dedicated Noah. Part of the process of dedciation is giving thanks to God for a new life and Julie talked about the importance of an attitude of gratitude in our relationship with God.  We can all be thankful for many things in our lives: our children, our homes, our salvation.  God has ownership of everything, but He gives much to us.

Finance & Generosity in God's family

Ed Evans | 26 April 2015

As we continue to think about what it means to be the family of God, Ed looked at our attitude to money and possessions and anotehr key atmosphere we want to have: generosity.  How we use the money that we are entrusted with is very important to the Kingdom and reveals our hearts.

Service and Honour in God's Family

Dorian McCree | 19 April 2015

The Church is described as a vine, but also as a family.  We share a family likeness, and we are all part of the SAME family although we may look different.

Family - Parenthood

Patrick Gale | 12 April 2015

This morning we dedicated Eliana and Patrick spoke on the theme of family.  Family is central to God's plans and purposes for mankind.  

Connecting with the Father

Rosie Horswell | 8 March 2015

We need to know God as our Father - we are adopted sons and daughters, not servants or slaves.
Just see how God feels about us in the story of the lost son - it shows his Father's heart for us!

Connecting through Baptism

Ed Evans | 1 March 2015

One of the specific commands Jesus gave us in our discipleship is to baptise people in the name of the Father and in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is therefore a key means of strengthening our connection with God.

Prophetic training day. Session 2

Tony Rozee | 28 February 2015

Prophetic training day, session two with Tony Rozee.

Prophetic training day. Session 1

Tony Rozee | 28 February 2015

Phrophetic training day, session one with Tony Rozee

Connecting with the Word

Julie Graham | 15 February 2015

The Bible enables us to understand more about God. It is therefore relevant to each one of us today as well as at the time it was written. Some people pick and chose but the Bible says all is God given. Each time we read it, there is something new for you and me,

Living to the full in the Grace of God

Ed Evans | 25 January 2015

Today is the conclusion of our study of 2 Corinthians, looking at 13:5-14