Patrick Gale | 15 June 2014

Today is father's day and it is important to think what fatherhood means. It means love - but how?  In a child's eyes, love is spelt T I M E. We should set up lasting values in our children which will include discipline on occasions. We should not be lording it over our children but we need to earn their respect.

Smelling of Christ

Dorian McCree | 8 June 2014

Dorian talks about Paul's picture of Christ's triumphal procession and what it means to be the 'aroma of Christ'.
In the Roman empire, after a victory the soldiers came into Rome as victors whilst the enemy were led through in chains, many to be killed.  The air was filled with incense but to some it meant victory and to others it meant death.

May the spirit fill you

Ed Evans | 1 June 2014

Ministry in the power of the Spirit is an underlying theme of 2 Corinthians. He lives in each one of us who are Christians and is entirely life giving and good - in fact He is a personal God and He transforms us into the likeness of Jesus.

Grief and forgiveness

Patrick Gale | 25 May 2014

We are continuing with 2 Corinthians, now on Chapter 2 v 5-11.

Stronger Together

Roger Cole | 18 May 2014

Area Celebration

Judges 18

Who we are, who God is and what it means

Ed Evans | 4 May 2014

Today is the first in a new series on 2 Corinthians - a book that gives us an insight into the life that Paul was experiencing and therefore can give us guidance for our own lives.  It is Paul's most personal letter and we really get to see his heart.

Parents & Children at the heart of God's plan

Ed Evans | 27 April 2014

Today is a dedication of James Graham and the opportunity has been taken to add in the sermon missed during our 'Keep taking the tablets' series concerning the command to "Honour your father and mother".

Easter Sunday

Rebekah | 20 April 2014

The greatest day in the year - Jesus is alive

Palm Sunday

Mark Ford | 13 April 2014

Time to remember that on this day there was great rejoicing as Jesus came into Jersulam

Renewal of the mind

Ed Evans | 6 April 2014

God loves us as we are but like any good parent, we wants us to change for the better.  We need to repent for our past and believe the good news.  Our words have power, so when we confess, the words have effect.