Palm Sunday

Mark Ford | 13 April 2014

Time to remember that on this day there was great rejoicing as Jesus came into Jersulam

Renewal of the mind

Ed Evans | 6 April 2014

God loves us as we are but like any good parent, we wants us to change for the better.  We need to repent for our past and believe the good news.  Our words have power, so when we confess, the words have effect.

Keeping God at the centre

Duncan Graham | 30 March 2014

These laws were for the benefit of the people. We are no longer under law but under GRACE, but they are just as relevant to us today and therefore for our benefit. We do not need to live in fear of God but we have the intimacy of God (see Hebrews 12).

Know God, accept no substitutes

Andrea Colbrook | 23 March 2014

We are now up to the second commandment on idolatry.

In the Old Testament the Israelites constantly worshipped idols made of wood, stone or other obvious (to us) competition to the one real God. What is not always obvious to us is what our present idols are.

Take God seriously

Julie Graham | 9 March 2014

This is a serious subject as in the Old Testament the punishment was stoning.


In todays society, many people take the Lord's name when they should not through swearing, or by saying OMG. The lifestyle we live may not always set the example to the world that we should. We should realign our lives as God has instructed through the 10 commandments.

Remember the Sabbath

Ed Evans | 2 March 2014

We still need to keep a day Holy although the temptation is to miss this out.


It is the longest and most detailed so on that basis alone, we should think carefully on what we are being told.


Affair proof your life

Geoff and Mary Norris | 16 February 2014

Today we are dealing with adultery. This starts with coveting another person which is a result of lustfullness. We need to be careful what we look at and remember respect to another persons spouse. We should be careful on what we watch as this can dull our senses from God's ideal.

Taming the Temper

Ed Evans | 9 February 2014

Continuing the series on the 10 commandments, we deal with "do not murder". Surely this is not a problem for most of us?  Or is it?  What might this commandment cover and what about our thoughts and motivations - are we committing murder in our hearts?

Nothing but the truth

Duncan Graham | 3 February 2014

Bearing false witness can have a disastrous effect on innocent people. You might think that no one will know about your lies but God knows. And breaking one commandment frequently leads to more commandments being broken as a result. Listen to hear the examples.

Do not Steal

Patrick Gale | 26 January 2014

The title is obvious - we all know this BUT what does it really mean. What example do we give to non Christians of what many consider a normal part of life.


Patrick then continued on stealing time that we should be spending with Jesus. We should be investing in our relationship with Him.