Gospel according to Isaiah part 2

Andrea Colbrook | 1 December 2013

Haing seen the promise of a new king last week, today Andrea took use to Isaiah 52-53 and the promise of another character to come: God's servant.  Israel was supposed to be God's servant but had failed, but the promise is of one coming who will be the perfect servant and achieve all that Israel could not.

Gospel according to Isaiah

Julie Graham | 24 November 2013

Having seen the good news of God's promises that was there right from the start of the Bible, today we turn to Isaiah, who saw clearly the promise of a restoration to come, when God would return to rescue his people and establish his kingdom for ever.

The gospel according to Moses Part 2

Dave Perry | 10 November 2013

I regret that due to computer problems, the start of this mornings message was not recorded.

The Gospel according to Moses Part 1

Dave Perry | 3 November 2013

Today we are looking at the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

God has promised Abram that his decendants will be without number but the promises were tested.

Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel all had one thing in common - they were all barren for many years but God will not have His promises stopped.

God loves children

Steve Beegoo | 27 October 2013

 As Christians, we know that God speaks to us in various ways, and this recording starts with some words of knowledge from both Steve and Tammy Beegoo.  It then continues into their talk on 'God loves children'.

Esther - not just a pretty face

Rebekah | 13 October 2013

The book of Esther is a short and exciting one, and it has implications for each of us today.  Esther had to make a decision - what was she to do? Her position was unique. She hesitated and she had good reason too. But she took a genuine risk.

Ruth, the tragedy, trials, trust and triumph

Kate Evans | 6 October 2013

The story of Ruth starts with tradgedy but she makes a choice to follow Naomi and untimately Naomi's God.  In the face of extreme hardship, her sister-in-law, Orpah, decides to turn back but Ruth continues to trust and this ultimately leads to a triumphant conclusion: God is faithful to her and provides a home, a people, a husband and a family - and ultimately a place in the lineage of

Daniel - a Prophetic Civil Servant

Dorian McCree | 29 September 2013

Daniel was a captive of a foreign king, living in a foreign land.  We too are 'aliens & strangers in theis world' - and especailly in our secular society today.

Living Heaven

Neil Townsend | 22 September 2013

Psalm 24 (Read this first)


Ezra - a passionate scribe

Ed Evans | 15 September 2013

Ezra was a contemporary of Nehemiah (last weeks subject) when most of the Jews were still living in Babylon. He returned to Jersualem with a second group of Jews and was instrumental in re-establishing them a people and calling them back to being the people of God, living by His law.