Nothing but the truth

Duncan Graham | 3 February 2014

Bearing false witness can have a disastrous effect on innocent people. You might think that no one will know about your lies but God knows. And breaking one commandment frequently leads to more commandments being broken as a result. Listen to hear the examples.

Do not Steal

Patrick Gale | 26 January 2014

The title is obvious - we all know this BUT what does it really mean. What example do we give to non Christians of what many consider a normal part of life.


Patrick then continued on stealing time that we should be spending with Jesus. We should be investing in our relationship with Him.


Rich Garments

Mike Beaumont | 19 January 2014

Zechariah 3

10 - Find contentment

Ed Evans | 12 January 2014

Last week was an introduction to God's Top Ten - the 10 Commandments.


Today is the start of each commandment, and unlike the usual starting at the top, we start at the bottom and will continue going up most weeks.


God's Top Ten

Duncan Graham | 5 January 2014

Do the 10 commandments still apply to us?

We now live under grace and no longer under law but Jesus did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. These commandments are the basis of legal systems throughout this world.

The Gospel of Isaiah part 3

Ed Evans | 8 December 2013

Ed concluded our three weeks from Isaiah on the hope he promised by looking at his theme of 'GOOD NEWS' - the idea that one was coming who would proclaim good tidings to Zion (God's people), culminating with the glorious declaration of Isaiah 61, the man annointed by the Spirit to bring good news - which Jesus claimed for himself.

Gospel according to Isaiah part 2

Andrea Colbrook | 1 December 2013

Haing seen the promise of a new king last week, today Andrea took use to Isaiah 52-53 and the promise of another character to come: God's servant.  Israel was supposed to be God's servant but had failed, but the promise is of one coming who will be the perfect servant and achieve all that Israel could not.

Gospel according to Isaiah

Julie Graham | 24 November 2013

Having seen the good news of God's promises that was there right from the start of the Bible, today we turn to Isaiah, who saw clearly the promise of a restoration to come, when God would return to rescue his people and establish his kingdom for ever.

The gospel according to Moses Part 2

Dave Perry | 10 November 2013

I regret that due to computer problems, the start of this mornings message was not recorded.

The Gospel according to Moses Part 1

Dave Perry | 3 November 2013

Today we are looking at the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

God has promised Abram that his decendants will be without number but the promises were tested.

Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel all had one thing in common - they were all barren for many years but God will not have His promises stopped.