Different missions, but the same comission

Patrick, Kate and Andrea | 21 July 2013

Patrick concluded our mini-series on the mission God has called us to by getting people to talk about there own experiences of mission.  The aim is to show that we can all respond to the great comission in different ways - God has a specific mission for each one of us that suits the way He made us!

Baptismal Service

Ed Evans | 14 July 2013

As we baptised Rachel Hayden and Kevin Preen, Ed talked about what baptism means and the solid hope of change that it demonstrates.

Mission in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Rebekah | 23 June 2013

Rebekah talked about the way that we can all step out in the power of the Holy Spirit in mission, starting from the example of Peter & John in Acts 3.
She then looked back at the gospels to see some of the things they overcame to get to that place, including apathy, fear and unbelief; encouraging us that we too can overcome these obstacles as we bring them to God.

Mission for all not just a few

Patrick Gale | 16 June 2013

Patrick continues the challenge to ALL of us to get involved in God's mission in the world.
Starting from Acts 6, he talked about the need to activate more of us and not leave it to the 'special ones', then he looked at the great commission and it's challenge to all of us to 'GO' - wherever we find ourselves!

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Ed Evans | 9 June 2013

As we continue to think about out calling to mission - making a difference for God and with God - and as we dedicated baby Hannah, Ed talked from Psalm 139 about how God has made us all unique and wonderful, with a specific role to play not just in the church but in shaping His world around us.

Witnesses, Zealots or Stargazers

Duncan Graham | 27 May 2013

As we begin to think about what it means to be on mission with God, Duncan looked at the challenge to the disciples in Acts chapter 1.

Will we be zealots, trying to advance God's kingdom by our own effort?
Will we be stargazers, looking up into the sky, expecting some spiritual revival from 'out there'? or
Will we be witnessess, in the power of the Spirit?

Application to life - Work, money and poverty

Andrew | 5 May 2013

Andrew challenged us to think a bit differently about how we seek God's kingdom in our every day lives.
It is all about LOVE - but what does that actually look like?
He applied this to the three areas of work, money & poverty - is what we do every day at home, at work, in our community motivated by love?

Called to seek the Kingdom

Rebekah | 28 April 2013
What is the Kingdom of God?

One body, many parts

Dorian McCree | 21 April 2013

Are you important? Are you needed as part of the church community? If you have any doubts, then you need to listen to this podcast!
Dorian talked from 1 Cor 12 about the way God has assembled the body of Christ - with every part playing a unique and necessary role.

Freedom through the Cross

Ed Evans | 24 March 2013

As we approach Easter, Ed talked about what the cross of Christ means for us, focussing on how, through his death, Jesus redeemed us, set us free... from sin, law, death, disease & decay, fear, curses ... in fact everything that prevents us from living fully and freely in the Spirit!