Ruth, the tragedy, trials, trust and triumph

Kate Evans | 6 October 2013

The story of Ruth starts with tradgedy but she makes a choice to follow Naomi and untimately Naomi's God.  In the face of extreme hardship, her sister-in-law, Orpah, decides to turn back but Ruth continues to trust and this ultimately leads to a triumphant conclusion: God is faithful to her and provides a home, a people, a husband and a family - and ultimately a place in the lineage of

Daniel - a Prophetic Civil Servant

Dorian McCree | 29 September 2013

Daniel was a captive of a foreign king, living in a foreign land.  We too are 'aliens & strangers in theis world' - and especailly in our secular society today.

Living Heaven

Neil Townsend | 22 September 2013

Psalm 24 (Read this first)


Ezra - a passionate scribe

Ed Evans | 15 September 2013

Ezra was a contemporary of Nehemiah (last weeks subject) when most of the Jews were still living in Babylon. He returned to Jersualem with a second group of Jews and was instrumental in re-establishing them a people and calling them back to being the people of God, living by His law. 

Nehemiah - a prayerful governor

Duncan Graham | 8 September 2013

Nehemiah had a position of authority and wealth, yet he put everything to one side for the sake of God and his instructions.  Prayer was the basis for his life but he was also a man of action.  We too can choose to serve God in prayer & action!

Psalm 13

Ed Evans | 18 August 2013

Waiting can be difficult - for healing, guidance, revival, the second coming...
but waiting is part of life, especially life with God. 

The psalmist knew all about how hard waiting can be, but he also knew how to wait for God, with God...

Psalm 19

Julie Graham | 11 August 2013

Julie talks from Psalm 19 as well as talking about her recent trip to Africa with children from the King's School.

Psalm 40

Ed Evans | 4 August 2013

Ed introduced our summer series on Psalms as well as talking about what God had said at our recent church camp (TRANSFORM).

He talked from Psalm 40 about the fact that God IS going to break through and how we hold on to this hope in times of trouble...

Different missions, but the same comission

Patrick, Kate and Andrea | 21 July 2013

Patrick concluded our mini-series on the mission God has called us to by getting people to talk about there own experiences of mission.  The aim is to show that we can all respond to the great comission in different ways - God has a specific mission for each one of us that suits the way He made us!

Baptismal Service

Ed Evans | 14 July 2013

As we baptised Rachel Hayden and Kevin Preen, Ed talked about what baptism means and the solid hope of change that it demonstrates.