Jesus, the Wisdom of God

Neil Townsend | 20 May 2018

Neil's talk starts at the 3 minute point.


Wisdom cocers everything, starting in Genesis


Wise up - Prayer changes things

Ed Evans | 13 May 2018

Prayer changes things - He will never disappear.

We, as a Church, are a house of prayer.

What is my life built on - its foundations?

We should pursue wisdom to undertake full understanding.

Giving, Phil 4 10-23

Nick White | 29 April 2018

The end of Philipians is a time of thanks for the gifts that Paul had received. This was the members of the Philipian church sharing as partners in the spread of the Church.

We should also be involved with support for the Lord's work, especially the Church here where you attend but also as for the Philipians in Church planting.

Living with the right focus

Dorian McCree | 22 April 2018

Philipians 3 v17- 4 v9


Where is our focus - is it heavenly

We are citizens of heaven, just residing temporarily on Earth.

1. Relationship in the Church family 

2. Prayer with thanksgiving in everything

3. Thought life Use wise choices including digital time

Ambitious - Yes or No

Ed Evans | 15 April 2018

It depands on what your desire is.

Where are to trying to reach in your life

    What is your ambition

       Is it our personal glory or is it God's Glory

You are saved for HIS good desire

Neil Townsend | 18 March 2018

Philipians 2 v12-

Recognising we are sons / daughters - forgiven

Setting is free from us-centrered

We are shing in this world

Relationships change us

Dorian McCree | 25 February 2018

We need to look at our relationships in life.

Living all out for Christ

Rosie Horswell | 18 February 2018

The recording starts at 40 seconds


Looking at the Winter Olympics, we should be Gold Medal winners for Christ

No moment will every be the same in our lives. We are all different.

Paul met God on the Damascus Road

We need to meet Him to walk worthily.

Dedication of Jacob

Patrick Gale | 11 February 2018

With thr dedication, reminded of instructions of bringing up children

Together in Christ

Ed Evans | 28 January 2018

Starting a new series on Philippians - 1 v1-11


Remember GOD'S PROMISE, we can rely on Him

God began the work v6

Its God's Grace  v7

It's the affection of Christ   v8

Righteourness comes through Christ  v11

It's for God's praise and glory