Identities & Gifts

John Stedman | 5 March 2017

Continuing from last week, now on Romans 12 v 3-8.

We are the body and all have a role to play. we all have at least one gift for the glory of God. We should use our gifts, and if not use we will be corroded. We must xercise it after we recognise it.

Key to being Transformed

Ed Evans | 26 February 2017

What is our culture. Do we let teh worlds culture come into our lives - it might creep in. But is this what god wants from us.

Recognise there are things to change - we see lies of the enemy all around.

Repent - a change of our minds

Receive the truth, rooted in God's word, resting in His presence, Reading


Grace not law

Duncan Graham | 5 February 2017

Who we are in God

Julie Graham | 29 January 2017

We are starting in Romans 8 - how do we relate to each other and to God

What does God say about us - that is realy important. It may not be what we expect!

God has a different perceptive to us. We are not condemmed, He sees us as righteous.


Thrive Sunday

Kirsty & Ed | 15 January 2017

Today was the introduction of the next stage of bringing the unsaved to know the Lord with the Thrive initative. Kirsty has become the first of the team here in South Abingdon.

We started with a powerpoint from Ed, then the powerpoint from Kirsty and then continued with Ed's powerpoint. I regret that the video Kirsty had was not available to upload.


Acts 21-28

Ed Evans | 27 November 2016

There's more

Julie Graham | 20 November 2016

The Holy Spirit should be part of our life. The Church at Ephesus started without knowledge of the Holy Spirit but on receipt of it, the Church grew.

With the Holy Spirit, we can overcome any fear beyond our own strength.

Area Celebration with Tom Bedford

Tom Bedford | 13 November 2016

We were joined by Tom Bedford. Tom is currently planting a church in Fresno, California, having led a church in the middle of America for a number of years.

Mental Health, a problem in Biblical times and today

Patrick Gale | 30 October 2016

Paul and Silas released a slave girl from her demonic spiritual situation giving her freedom.


Today 20-25 % of our population have mental health problems. All being in the power of Satan. How will we assist them - and just telling them what to do will NOT resolve their problems. Real Friendship is essential - listen for more details.

The Lord worked with Peter and still today

Neil Townsend | 24 October 2016

Acts 10 - 15 A large passage of the growth of the work in various places.


Today we have seen it in Reading, in Henley and in Abingdon