Lent Course Week 3 - Mark 15:1-20 Why the Crown of Thorns?

Dave Perry | 7 March 2016

The third in the 2016 CiA Lent series with Dave Perry - "When Suffering is Glory: Mark 14-16"

Jesus: More than a Man

Dorian McCree | 6 March 2016

As we continue in Mark's gospel, we come to the turning point of the book.  Dorian speaks from Mark chapter 8...

Lent Course Week 2 - Mark 14:12-26 The Gospel revealed in a Meal

Dave Perry | 29 February 2016

The second in the 2016 CiA Lent series with Dave Perry - "When Suffering is Glory: Mark 14-16"

This week, Dave talks about the famous scene of the Last Supper, as found in Mark 14:12-26.  He considers how it expresses the heart of the gospel, the good news, linking back to the story of God's rescue of his people in Exodus.

Jesus: a man with authority

Dave Perry | 28 February 2016

We have been very fortunate to have Dave Perry, a main lecturer from King's School of Theology, and one of our favourite Bible teachers with us this morning to continue our series from Mark's gospel.  He looked at Mark 4:35-5:43 - 4 stories Mark strings together that each show that "What we can't handle, HE can!"

Lent Course Week 1 - Mark 14:1-11 Anointing for Burial

Dave Perry | 22 February 2016

The first in the 2016 CiA Lent series with Dave Perry - "When Suffering is Glory: Mark 14-16"

In week 1, Dave discusses the annointing of Jesus by the unnamed woman in Simon the Leper's house.

Jesus: A man to follow

Julie Graham | 21 February 2016

Julie continues our series "Who is this Jesus?" from Mark's gospel, focussing on Mark 1:14-20 and 2:13-17

Jesus: a man like no other

Nikki Gibbins | 14 February 2016

At our family service for the start of Lent, Nikki continued our series asking "Who is this Jesus?" looking at Mark 1:12-13: Jesus' temptations in the wilderness.
He was the first man ever to be tempted fully, as we are, and yet not sin - a man like no other.  What can we learn from his example for our own wilderness times and times of temptation?

Who is this Jesus? An introduction to Mark's Gospel and our Lent program

Ed Evans | 31 January 2016

Today Ed introduced our focus of the coming term up until Easter - seeing afresh who Jesus is through Mark's gospel.  He introduces the gospel and why we are looking at it, but also the different ways we can engage with it in ACC over the coming months.

Speak Lord your servant is listening - Dedication of Eli Clare

Lisa Howard | 17 January 2016

Eli Clare was dedicated today and now it is the responsibilty of his parents to bring him up daily, seeking the Lord's guidance.
The sermon was from the example of Hannah and Samuel, encouraging us to live by the phrase Samuel learnt - "Speak Lord, your servant is listening".

A Community of Blessing

Ed Evans | 3 January 2016

At the start of a new year, it is good to give thanks for what God has done in 2015 and look ahead with faith to what he will do in 2016.
Today, Ed encouraged us that part of God's vision for 2016 is that we become more and more a 'Community of Blessing' - a phrase God gave to a member of the congregation over last summer.