Ed Evans | 21 July 2014

There has been a prophetic call to us to go beyond.  Whatever we have received, there is more to come.  In this passage, Paul calls us to SEE beyond - beyond the physical, the material, the present into the spiritual realm, living in the light of eternity.

What is a successful Christian? 2 Cor 4v7-18

Rebekah | 13 July 2014

Who is successful?  On what basis have you come to this conclusion?  What is a sucessful Christian?

Prophetic Training Day | Session 5

Dave Oliver | 1 July 2014

Session 5 from Prophetic Training Day in July 2014

Prophetic Training Day | Session 6

Dave Oliver | 1 July 2014

Session 6 from Prophetic Training Day in July 2014

Prophetic Training Day | Session 3

Kate Colbrook, Graham & Helen Hipwell, Rod Sharpe | 1 July 2014

Session 3 from Prophetic Training Day in July 2014

Prophetic Training Day sessions 1 & 2 | Why does God speak?

Chipper Betts, Kate Colbrook & Helen Hipwell | 1 July 2014

Session 1 & 2 of the South Region Prophetic training course July 2014.

Following some introductory comments from Chipper Betts and Dave Oliver, a number of speakers give short talks on Why God speaks.

2 Cor 4:1-7 Treasure stored in a clay jar

Julie Graham | 29 June 2014

Our great treasure is "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ"...
The glory of God is seen in his nature and character
Jesus is the light that radiates that glory
s we look at the face of Christ and we will see...

2 Cor 3:4-18 It's morphing time!

Ed Evans | 22 June 2014

As we continue our series in 2 Corinthians, Ed talks about this complex passage, focussing on the end promise - we WILL be transformed (metamorphosed) into the image of Christ with ever increasing glory.


Patrick Gale | 15 June 2014

Today is father's day and it is important to think what fatherhood means. It means love - but how?  In a child's eyes, love is spelt T I M E. We should set up lasting values in our children which will include discipline on occasions. We should not be lording it over our children but we need to earn their respect.

Smelling of Christ

Dorian McCree | 8 June 2014

Dorian talks about Paul's picture of Christ's triumphal procession and what it means to be the 'aroma of Christ'.
In the Roman empire, after a victory the soldiers came into Rome as victors whilst the enemy were led through in chains, many to be killed.  The air was filled with incense but to some it meant victory and to others it meant death.