Relationship with a relational God

Duncan Graham | 24 February 2013

Duncan talked about God as Trinity - relationship at the heart of the Godhead!
What does this mean for how we relate to God and how we relate to each other in the church and those outside?
EVERYTHING in God is relational!

A people devoted to prayer

Ed Evans | 17 February 2013

This week Ed introduced our season of prayer called BREATHE by talking about what it means to be a people devoted to prayer.

Members sharing morning

Various | 10 February 2013

Today 6 members bought their thoughts starting with We are more than conquerors, nothing can separate us from God.

A people devoted to the apostles teaching

Ed Evans | 3 February 2013

As we continue to look at what it means to be God's people, Ed challenged us with the question:
"Are we ready to grow more Spiritually?"

A call to be holy

Patrick Gale | 27 January 2013

As we continue our series on how we respond to what God is like, Patrick talks about responding to Yahweh M'kaddesh - the Lord who makes us holy (Lev 20:8).

What Do You See?

Steve Thomas | 20 January 2013

Steve Thomas spoke at the South Region Celebration from Ephesians 1:22 and Isaiah 62. 'What do you See?' 

What should God's people look like? A call to what ACC should be in 2013.

Ed Evans and Viki Gale | 13 January 2013

Ed planned to talk to us about the vision of what our church should look like (see summary on attached word document) but instead felt called to spend most of his time thinking about the overall message of Luke's gospel, challengeing us, indivudally and as a church, to answer Jesus' question "Who do YOU say I am?" and then the implied second question of "What are you

Responding to Yahwah Shalom

Trevor Ogden | 6 January 2013

At the time of Jesus birth, the angels proclaimed that he would bring Peace on Earth, not Salvation, or a way to live or meetings on a Sunday, but PEACE!

The peace of Jesus is different to the peace of the world. He gives peace of the heart, but we must actively receive it.