Relationship God's way

Ed Evans | 26 November 2017

Relationship is vital, but is what we call it what God wants from us.

OCC Area Celebration | Harvest Time with Michael Green

Michael Green | 19 November 2017

A gathering of the three regions of Oxfordshire Community Churches together to celebrate the goodness of God and to hear from Michael Green. Michael has been a leading evangelist and a key thinker on evangelism in the UK church for many years. Having spent 11 years at St.

Christian Sexuality

Steve Jones | 12 November 2017

We live in a society which is often at odds with the world around. How should we react?

Grace, it's amazing

Rick Thomas | 5 November 2017

You probably already know about Mephibosheth, 2 Samuel 9.

Rick went into greater detail illuminating the compassion that David showed as a preview of the far greater compassion that Jesus has for each one of us.


A power point should be uploaded in the next few days.

Compassion Sunday

Compassion UK | 31 October 2017

Today our talk is with a  visiting speaker about the needs of children worldwide. We might feel that some children in UK are in poverty (which they are), but when we look at the circumstances of the poorest in the world in other places, we can see a major need.

Please listen, think, donate, not to ACC but to

More information on their website.

Rest in His presence

Julie Graham | 22 October 2017

Starting with Mary and Martha, specifically Martha.

Are we too busy?

What should our priorities be?

God is not a million miles away.

Kingdom Choices 3 - Education

Ed Evans | 15 October 2017

Education is a vital area in our society that is a huge area of contention in politics and in the media, but what does God have to say about it and what does it look like in His kingdom? 

Kingdom Choices 2- How do we use our time?

Dorian McCree | 1 October 2017

Dorian looks at the choices we make with our time - do they line up with God's kingdom priorities?  
Do we make time for God, for his purposes and for rest His way?

CAP Sunday

John Price | 17 September 2017

As Christians, we should be looking to help the poor. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) work to help people who are trapped in debt, and provide resources to help people not get into that situation in the first place.  As a church, we already run CAP Money courses, is God asking some of us to get more involved in this kingdom work?

Kingdom Choices - part 1

Ed Evans | 10 September 2017

Ed kicks off our new series looking at hwat it means to seek first God's kingdom.  How do our choices line up with what Jesus talks about in Matthew 6?  Do we live by kingdom priorities? Do we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness?  If we do, God promises to provide all that we need!