Details of our Mission Mt 28v16-20

Patrick Gale | 14 May 2017

Patrick continued our series looking at Jesus' encounters with his disciples after His resurrection.  Today we came to what is known as 'the Great Commission' when Jesus gave last instructions to the apostles.  Patrick talked about what this says to us about OUR mission...
The Source of our Mission

Meeting the disciples again

Julie Graham | 30 April 2017

His first words were - Peace be with you, the disciples were still in a state of fear.

It was VICTORY, NOT defeat.

It gave New Hope,  New Joy,  New Purpose, New Power and finally NEW PASSION & BOLDNESS.

This is what we need to proceed, to encounter JESUS

First person to see the risen Jesus

Ed Evans | 23 April 2017

Luke 24  13-35

First person to see Jesus was Mary Magdalen but we can look at the wrong person, in her case, the gardener.

Next on the road to Emmaus, the 2 disciples again did not recognise their companion. It required Jesus to open the Old Testament which project forward to Him.

Living at peace with one another

Julie Graham | 9 April 2017

Romans 12  v17-21

The last in our series on Romans.

Our natural desires are not always God's plans. It is not our place to take revenge - that si God's position to do.

We should always forgive, although this may be difficult (but not imposible\) for some who have suffered real abuse.

Living in harmony

Dorian McCree | 19 March 2017

Continuing Romans 12 - there is a lot in this chapter!


Verses 14-16 today with notes on Blessings, Harmony, Hunility and Empathy

Sincere Love

Ed Evans | 12 March 2017

God loves us  and we are part of His Body here at Abingdon Community Church.

We are all given gifts to build the Church, so please go to

Identities & Gifts

John Stedman | 5 March 2017

Continuing from last week, now on Romans 12 v 3-8.

We are the body and all have a role to play. we all have at least one gift for the glory of God. We should use our gifts, and if not use we will be corroded. We must xercise it after we recognise it.

Key to being Transformed

Ed Evans | 26 February 2017

What is our culture. Do we let teh worlds culture come into our lives - it might creep in. But is this what god wants from us.

Recognise there are things to change - we see lies of the enemy all around.

Repent - a change of our minds

Receive the truth, rooted in God's word, resting in His presence, Reading


Grace not law

Duncan Graham | 5 February 2017

Who we are in God

Julie Graham | 29 January 2017

We are starting in Romans 8 - how do we relate to each other and to God

What does God say about us - that is realy important. It may not be what we expect!

God has a different perceptive to us. We are not condemmed, He sees us as righteous.