The Gospel opposed - Acts 4/5

Dorian McCree | 25 September 2016

Peter & John are now following the instructions of the Holy Spirit but meet opposition.

First up against the "educated" leaders, then put in prison, but the Lord's plans will not be stopped even from locked doors.

We must obey God rather than men. Just as relevant today as for the early Church.

So who will you obey?

Book of Acts - Also relevant to present day

Ed Evans | 11 September 2016

What does the normal Christian life consist of? What is our expectation in us.

The book of Acts - resetting our standards by Biblical standards.

How does life relate now Jesus has gone to heaven?

You (that is you and me) will receive power, filled with the Holy Spirit. Peter and John had spoken to the crowds but spoke to ONE person at the gate beautiful.

How Jesus transformed life

Julie Graham | 28 August 2016

Today was the last of our summer season with the children in the meeting. There was a time of interactive games on sight which was appropriate as one of our members is in hospital and today opened her eyes and was able again to see, hear and converse. Praise God, He works today as much as He did 2000 years ago.


Ed Evans | 21 August 2016

It is still summer season and it was interactive with children in mind but still very relevant for adults.

Who was Saul

Tom Clare | 14 August 2016

It is the summer season so the service was a little different.

Various members of the South Abingdon homegroup presented in a different format the time of Saul and the transforamtion into Paul.

We started with a quiz on Saul.

The sound may be low as I seem to have had problems for a while on the sound recording level.

What does it mean to keep going with Jesus

Ed Evans | 24 July 2016

We are now on the last chapter of Hebrews. It is a summary of the previous 12 chapters with 12 instriuctions on how we are to live our Christian lives.

It is a life of loving people, getting practical and sacrifice.

So how will we change our lives to live as it is intended for us?

Running the Race

Julie Graham | 17 July 2016

Hebrews 12 - This book is written to the Jewish born believers who had recently been under stress with imprisonment etc. and now tempted to return to their Jewish faith.

We need to continue the race and not be distracted by what might be around. Some things may get in our way in our lives.

Not held back

Lisa Howard | 26 June 2016

I regret that the recording did not save as usual. There is considerable backgroud noise. Sorry!

The call to persevere

Dorian McCree | 19 June 2016

Today was an exciting morning, with the Holy Spirit leading people to make lots of contributions.  The talk therefore started later than normal and Dorian did not have as long to speak. He could not give a full exposition of the passage but instead focussed on God's word for us from to for today.

Jesus- a better priest for a better covenant

Ed Evans | 5 June 2016

This morning the worship time resulted in various members each giving words of encouragement to find the Lord in their lives. Regreatably this part of the service has not been recorded.

Ed then needed to slightly change his talk to us continuing how the Lord had already spoken so the powerpoint has various additional comments not covered in the podcast.