What has God got in store for ACC?

Ed Evans | 29 May 2016

Today, Ed talked about where he believes our church is going in the next season, picking up on the prophetic encouragement from the recent OCC celebration on 14th May.

Jesus our great High Priest (Heb 4:14-5:10)

Rebekah | 22 May 2016

Rebekah continued our series in Hebrews, unpacking the writers great theme of Jesus as our great High priest.  She focussed on one particular reason why it is such good news that Jesus is our High Priest: that he empathises with our weakness.

Jesus leads us into God's rest (Hebrews 3:1-4:13)

Andrew Hodder | 8 May 2016

Andrew talked today from Hebrews about rest:  What is it?  Is it the absence of work? Is it something available to us?
We all need to enter God's rest and Jesus enables us to do that fully - much more so that Moses and Joshua were able to do in leading the people into the promised land even.

Jesus is better... because he became lower (Heb 2)

Ed Evans | 25 April 2016

As we continue to unpack the challenging book of Hebrews, Ed looked at chapter 2 which begins with a challenge not to let go of our faith or 'drift away', but instead to focus on Jesus.


Patrick Gale | 17 April 2016

Today was the dedication of Samuel Hodder. This is a time to give thanks to God, and for his parents and our whole church family to commit ourselves to helping bring him in God's ways - along with the other children God has placed amongst us.

Jesus is Better! An introduction to Hebrews.

Dorian McCree | 10 April 2016

Dorian started our new series looking at the book of Hebrews.  He introduced the book, including some of its challenges and mysteries and then intrroduced it's main theme from chapter 1:  Jesus is Better!

Lent Course Week 5 - Mark 16:1-8 He goes before us

Dave Perry | 21 March 2016

The fifth and final talk in the 2016 CiA Lent series with Dave Perry - "When Suffering is Glory: Mark 14-16"

A different kind of King

Julie Graham | 20 March 2016

On Palm Sunday, Julie continues our series from Mark's gospel, looking at Mark 11:1-11.

Lent Course Week 4 - Mark 15:21-47 Surprised by Glory

Dave Perry | 14 March 2016

The fourth in the 2016 CiA Lent series with Dave Perry - "When Suffering is Glory: Mark 14-16"

Jesus: the one who is worth EVERYTHING

Rebekah | 13 March 2016

What do we value most in life?
Rebekah continues our series from Mark looking at the well-known story of the Rich Young Man.
This story is not primarily about money, but about the heart - what we value and what we are prepared to live for...