The big picture

Dorian McCree | 6 December 2015

Today we review the past few weeks to show the plan God has.

God had a plan all the way from Adam via some unusual people that we having been looking at recently to the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

The important item now is to step out in obedience to Him and act in response to God and not just look on from the perimeter.

A few good kings

Ed Evans | 29 November 2015

Part of growing in the Lord is to have a good overiew of the Bible to understand how we fit into God's big story.  We have been looking at the period of the story under Israel's kings but haven't so far looked at the kings themselves.

Jehoiada and Joash

Patrick Gale | 22 November 2015

What is your commitment to the Lord?
Jehoiada was the high priest and Joash was the King. Jehoiada guided the King to a good relationship with the Lord but on the priest's death, Joash was led astray including killing the priest's son.

The housewife and the prophet

Sandra Pike | 15 November 2015

Today we welcome back Sandra Pike as our visiting speaker. She talked about the story of the woman of Shunem and the lessons we can learn.

She pursued God whole-heartedly through his prophet, Elisha.  Do we, who have direct access to God, pursue Him like this?

Worship Session

None | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 5

An Encounter with the King - Jacob - A Life Changed

Neil Townsend | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 4

Building for the King

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 3

The King's Provision (Abundant Grace)

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 2

The King's Supremacy

Martin Dunkley | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 1
How to be King’s Men…on a Monday morning

The slave girl and the general

Lisa Howard | 25 October 2015

The story of Naaman is well known but there are in fact a number of characters.  How did they react to their world even when it wasn't their first choice world?  What can we learn from them?

The servant girl: away from her famly, now a slave - yet in this 'second choice world' she pointed to God.