The Nations will See God's Glory

Steve Thomas | 7 July 2013

Steve Thomas spoke at the Area Celebration in July on 'The Nations will see God's Glory' (this sermon has been edited to protect some of our workers in the nations)

Living Under The Blessing Of God

Barney Coombs | 17 March 2013

We were delighted to have Barney Coombs as our speaker at the Celebration. He is seen as the ‘father’ of the Salt and Light family of churches and is widely recognised for his pastoral gifting, apostolic input and wisdom. Barney and his wife Janette are based in Vancouver but he has recently been travelling the world with a message about blessings and curses.

Giving Up Your Small Ambitions

Steve Thomas | 13 January 2013

Steve Thomas spoke at the West Region Celebration on 'Giving Up Your Small Ambitions'