It's not about you | Philip Jinadu | West Region Celebration

Philip Jinadu | 15 July 2016

We were joined by Philip Jinadu at our West Region Celebration.

Welcoming the King

Dave Perry | 29 March 2016

The Big Ask | West Region Celebration

Dan Campsall | 25 January 2016

'The Big Ask' is a phrase commonly used in sport, or in business; we might also use it in asking a massive favour from one of our neighbours.

West Region Celebration | God's Growing Kingdom

Steve Jones | 4 October 2015

As churches across the West Region we have commited together, this autumn, to study on The Kingdom of God. It’s a series that inevitably centres us on King Jesus, but which causes us to look afresh at how we relate to his rule and reign. How does his rule affect our appetites and ambitions, what impact must it have on our relationships and priorities?