Freedom for Purpose

Jacek Orłowski | 18 November 2018

At our last celebration we launched our regional series on the Body of Christ, which we have continued in each of our churches.  We heard clearly through a prophetic picture of a man being tied down that God wants to bring freedom to us in order that his body, the church, can rise up to be all he wants us to be.  Our theme for the celebration is Freedom for Purpose, God wants each one

West Region Celebration: Formed for Mission

Rich Larcombe | 1 July 2018

For the 3rd of our ‘Formed for...’ series we focused on Mission and were excited to have Richard Larcombe joining us.

Formed for his Presence

Matt Biddlecombe | 21 January 2018

The Bible tells the wonderful story of God’s engagement with his people. From our creation to eternity, he lavishes love upon us and calls us to delight in him.

OCC Area Celebration | Harvest Time with Michael Green

Michael Green | 19 November 2017

A gathering of the three regions of Oxfordshire Community Churches together to celebrate the goodness of God and to hear from Michael Green. Michael has been a leading evangelist and a key thinker on evangelism in the UK church for many years. Having spent 11 years at St.

Together we Go: Living Generous Lives

Dan Campsall | 9 July 2017

Dan Campsall speaking at our regional celebration on Living Generous Lives.

Can these bones live?

Steve Thomas | 7 May 2017

God specialises in reviving broken people, and pouring life even into nations that appear to have no hope. So can God revive unbelieving UK and secular Europe? Or other nations beset by war or famine?

West Region Celebration: Together We Go

Dan Campsall | 19 March 2017

‘West Oxfordshire is Too Small’

Area Celebration with Tom Bedford

Tom Bedford | 13 November 2016

We were joined by Tom Bedford. Tom is currently planting a church in Fresno, California, having led a church in the middle of America for a number of years.

Finding your place in God's Plan

Dan Campsall | 2 October 2016

In life, we are often asked the question ‘How are you doing?’ which suggests that the enquirer has a concern for our well-being in the present, but how often as we asked ‘Where are you going?’

The latter asks about our destination rather than a present point of departure. It asks us to reflect on what is motivating us, rather than giving voice to what is distracting us.

It's not about you | Philip Jinadu | West Region Celebration

Philip Jinadu | 15 July 2016

We were joined by Philip Jinadu at our West Region Celebration.