A Different type of land with Martin Dunkley

Martin Dunkley | 15 May 2016

Martin Dunkley spoke to us out of Deuteronomy 11:8-15, prophesying that, just as they have seen an 'upgrade' in the level of grace and favour over their churches in the North East, we would see that too here in the Oxfordshire.


Martin Dunkley is the leader of Salt and Light North East Region as well as Tees Valley Community Church

Welcoming the King

Dave Perry | 29 March 2016

The Big Ask | West Region Celebration

Dan Campsall | 25 January 2016

'The Big Ask' is a phrase commonly used in sport, or in business; we might also use it in asking a massive favour from one of our neighbours.

The Glory Of God

Steve Thomas | 8 November 2015

Many Christians are excited by the supernatural, envisioned by purposeful Christian living, but sometimes move away from the centre of everything, which is Christ Jesus himself.

West Region Celebration | God's Growing Kingdom

Steve Jones | 4 October 2015

As churches across the West Region we have commited together, this autumn, to study on The Kingdom of God. It’s a series that inevitably centres us on King Jesus, but which causes us to look afresh at how we relate to his rule and reign. How does his rule affect our appetites and ambitions, what impact must it have on our relationships and priorities?


A People of Power | Area Celebration

Neil Townsend | 15 July 2015

This Celebration was the third in our celebration series ‘A People of ...’.

People of Purpose | Area Celebration

Ngwiza Mnkandla | 22 March 2015

We were pleased to welcome Ngwiza Mnkandla from Faith Ministries, Africa. 


Area Celebration | A Moving Presence

Dan Campsall | 16 November 2014

‘If your Presence does not go with us’, Moses contended with God, ‘do not send us up from here.’

West Region Celebration | Available for Adventure

Dan Campsall | 21 September 2014

All too often we can find ourselves bombarded with fresh messages as we try to catch hold of the latest thing: The latest fashions, latest diet, latest technology. As churches we believe we are hearing a sustained sound from God, we are resonating with a call to be captivated by the wonder of his love, changed by the power of his spirit and commissioned to serve his kingdom purpose.

Area Celebration: Going Beyond

Steve Thomas | 6 July 2014

Steve Thomas spoke to us about what has been going on in the area and what God is saying about our future as three regions. The Regional leaders also joined Steve to share what their visions are for their regions.

Here are the Regional Updates.