Leaders Morning - Session 1

Che Ahn | 14 November 2009

Session 1 of 2 from the leaders morning with Che Ahn

Friday Evening Celebration

Che Ahn | 13 November 2009

Audio from the first evening celebration meeting with Che Ahn

The Other Side

Stanley Mehta | 13 September 2009

At our latest Celebration, Stanley Mehta brought us a challenge, about going to 'The Other Side' and engaging in mission.

Christ's Kingdom & The Spirit's Power

Dave Perry | 26 January 2009

Following on from our last celebration there was an emphasis on encountering God, getting into his presence and experiencing his power, love and grace.

When Heaven Invades Earth

Steve Thomas | 16 November 2008

At our November Celebration - 'A Day Of God's Power', Steve Thomas spoke about getting the right perspective on God's power and how it can impact our lives now!

Children Of Promise!

Steve Thomas | 14 September 2008

Steve Thomas spoke at our celebration about the importance of investing in our children and our vision for Christian Education.

Ordinary People Encountering an Extraordinary God

Mark Ritchie | 13 July 2008

Mark Ritchie was our speaker at 'The Big One' Celebration in July.

Impacting Our Communities

Andy Barclay-Watt | 18 May 2008

Andy Barclay-Watt spoke at our May Celebration about 'Impacting Our Communities', looking particularly at the example of the early church in Acts.

Praying For Our Nation

Nichola Wafula | 9 March 2008

Nichola Wafula, from Uganda, speaks on Praying for the Nation, as part of the Salt & Light Ministries 'Moving Forward' weekend.

The Kingdom is Growing!

Steve Thomas | 20 January 2008

Steve Thomas speaks about how the kingdom of God is advancing and how we should not let disappointments stop us serving God.