When Heaven Invades Earth

Steve Thomas | 16 November 2008

At our November Celebration - 'A Day Of God's Power', Steve Thomas spoke about getting the right perspective on God's power and how it can impact our lives now!

Children Of Promise!

Steve Thomas | 14 September 2008

Steve Thomas spoke at our celebration about the importance of investing in our children and our vision for Christian Education.

Ordinary People Encountering an Extraordinary God

Mark Ritchie | 13 July 2008

Mark Ritchie was our speaker at 'The Big One' Celebration in July.

Impacting Our Communities

Andy Barclay-Watt | 18 May 2008

Andy Barclay-Watt spoke at our May Celebration about 'Impacting Our Communities', looking particularly at the example of the early church in Acts.

Praying For Our Nation

Nichola Wafula | 9 March 2008

Nichola Wafula, from Uganda, speaks on Praying for the Nation, as part of the Salt & Light Ministries 'Moving Forward' weekend.

The Kingdom is Growing!

Steve Thomas | 20 January 2008

Steve Thomas speaks about how the kingdom of God is advancing and how we should not let disappointments stop us serving God.