Don't be satisfied with the ordinary

Chris Richards | 30 September 2018

Chris Richards speaks at our regional celebration, inviting us to join in God's exciting journey of carrying his love and power to those outside the church.

OCC Area Celebration | Harvest Time with Michael Green

Michael Green | 19 November 2017

A gathering of the three regions of Oxfordshire Community Churches together to celebrate the goodness of God and to hear from Michael Green. Michael has been a leading evangelist and a key thinker on evangelism in the UK church for many years. Having spent 11 years at St.

Area Celebration with Tom Bedford

Tom Bedford | 13 November 2016

We were joined by Tom Bedford. Tom is currently planting a church in Fresno, California, having led a church in the middle of America for a number of years.

How can the Church Help

Neville Wright (with some support from Neil Townsend) | 15 October 2016

The fourth and final session from the Neville Wright training day.

Addictive Behavious

Neville Wright | 15 October 2016

The third talk from the Neville Wright Mental Health training day.

Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Neville Wright | 15 October 2016

The second talk from Neville wright's day on mental heath issues.

A Christian approach to mental health

Neville Wright | 15 October 2016

Neville Wright's first session from the mental health day, 15th October 2016

Audio from the Local Leaders' Forum 23rd May 2016

Various | 24 May 2016

This was a significant evening for the local teams of worship, prayer and prophetic as we responded to the prophetic message of the celebration on the 15th of May. This recording was fairly impromptu, so if some bits don't make sense please chat to someone who was there.

Worship Session

None | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 5

An Encounter with the King - Jacob - A Life Changed

Neil Townsend | 7 November 2015

Mens' Day 7Nov15 - Session 4