Nehemiah 6+7 - Our God is unstoppable

Tom Lafford | 23 July 2017

Link to video near the end of the talk-

Nehemiah 5 - Time to change our ways

Geoff Chad | 2 July 2017

Nehemiah 4 - Opposition

Tom Lafford | 25 June 2017

Nehemiah - Building together

Geoff Chad | 18 June 2017

Nehemiah - When vision turns to action

Geoff Chad | 11 June 2017

Night Shelter

Becky | 4 June 2017

Becky shares about the work of Night Shelter in Swindon

Nehemiah: Have the courage of your convictions

Geoff Chad | 28 May 2017

The fourth in our Nehemiah series.

I have a Dream - I am Here for a Reason

Muriel Chad | 21 May 2017

3rd in our series in the book Nehemiah

Links to the videos used-

Nehemiah: God’s Builder

Geoff Chad | 14 May 2017

The second in our series of talks on Nehemiah. 

Can these bones live?

Steve Thomas | 7 May 2017

God specialises in reviving broken people, and pouring life even into nations that appear to have no hope. So can God revive unbelieving UK and secular Europe? Or other nations beset by war or famine?