Prophetic Training Day | Session 6

Dave Oliver | 1 July 2014

Session 6 from Prophetic Training Day in July 2014

Prophetic Training Day | Session 3

Kate Colbrook, Graham & Helen Hipwell, Rod Sharpe | 1 July 2014

Session 3 from Prophetic Training Day in July 2014

Prophetic Training Day sessions 1 & 2 | Why does God speak?

Chipper Betts, Kate Colbrook & Helen Hipwell | 1 July 2014

Session 1 & 2 of the South Region Prophetic training course July 2014.

Following some introductory comments from Chipper Betts and Dave Oliver, a number of speakers give short talks on Why God speaks.

West Region Celebration | A New Measure

Jacek Orlowski | 18 May 2014

Our guest speaker will be Jacek Orlowski, spoke from Matthew 19 on releasing A New Measure of faith. Now leading one of the largest evangelical churches in Poland, Jacek played an important role in the development of a number of other churches across south Poland before coming to Nowy Sacz.

Glory: Set your sights on the reality of Heaven

Stewart Keiller | 16 March 2014

Stewart spoke at the Oxforshire Community Churches Celebration in March about setting our sights on the reality of Heaven.

Water From a Deep Well

Steve Thomas | 17 November 2013

Steve Thomas spoke at the Area Celebration about where we are drawing from in our lives? And our search for passionate spirituality.

It all has to do with the Glory of God

Barney Coombs | 18 March 2013

Barney Coombs spent an evening with the Area Leadership Teams. 

What Do You See?

Steve Thomas | 20 January 2013

Steve Thomas spoke at the South Region Celebration from Ephesians 1:22 and Isaiah 62. 'What do you See?' 

The Glory of God in our Communities (Evening Meeting)

Tony Gray | 16 September 2012

Tony Gray from Teeside, joined us in the West Region to expand on his morning sermon on the Glory of God. He spoke from 2 Corinthians 3.

Apologies for the poor sound quality in parts of this recording.

Prophetic for South Region

Prophetic for South Region

OCC Team | 21 November 2011

Here you can hear the prayer and prophetic for the South Region team from the November Celebration.