Prophetic for West Region

Prophetic for West Region

OCC Team | 21 November 2011

Here you can hear the prayer and prophetic for the West Region team from the November Celebration.

This includes prayers to remember Graham Sparrowhawk.

It's A New Day!

It's A New Day

Steve Thomas | 27 March 2011

At our March Celebration, Steve preached with the title "It's A New Day!". This a recording from the morning meeting.

The Ark, The Camp & The Cloud

Mike Beaumont | 23 January 2011

Mike spoke on The Ark, The Camp & The Cloud - Embracing Change in a Time of Advance. It focussed on our attitudes to change and the need to be willing to follow God's leading - whether that's to stay or to go.

The Glory Of Christ

The Glory of Christ

Dave Perry | 14 November 2010

We had an extended time of worship with Godfrey Birtill and then Dave Perry spoke to us about the glory of Christ.

Living Simply With Jesus

Steve Thomas | 12 September 2010

Steve Thomas spoke about Living Simply with Jesus.

Releasing the Power of the Prophetic

Buck Hudson | 11 July 2010

Buck Hudson spoke at our July Celebration about seeing the power of the Holy Spirit breaking out as we step out in prophetic ministry.

God's Heart For The Poor

John Kirkby | 9 May 2010

John Kirkby, International Director of Christians Against Poverty spoke at our Celebration on Isaiah 58 and God's heart for the poor and needy.

Filling Our Region with the Presence of Jesus

Steve Thomas | 21 March 2010

Steve talked to us today about the development of 'regional' life within Oxfordshire Community Churches and the prophetic journey we are on in seeing the presence of Jesus filling our region and beyond.

Being God's Family

Keith & Eileen Elmitt | 24 January 2010

We are all members of God’s wonderful family, where God’s heart is for our family life to be built around strong, healthy relationships.

Sunday Morning Celebration

Che Ahn | 15 November 2009

Audio from the Oxfordshire Community Churches Celebration with Che Ahn