Hope for the future


It seems that after a late spring - there's hope that summer is now on it's way. There certainly seem to have been more sunny days than rainy days recently...I have been meditating on this verse from Romans recently: more

Spring is here!



Spring is finally here! It feels like that bit in the chronicles of Narnia when finally the spell is broken, winter is over and spring has begun.It has been a long cold winter, but now the birds are singing and nesting, the flowers are blossoming and new life is beginning once again.  more

Going Deeper


So having spent 2 days with around 90 ladies from across South Oxfordshire a moth ago, what are my reflections? Well, going deeper means stepping out of my comfort zone, it means serving and praying and worshipping God together. Anita Cleverly provoked and encouraged us in 3 areas: more

we are led ...

On Sunday, as we looked at the book of 2 Corinthians, we discovered that chapter 2 verse 14 has alternative translations. I promised I would do a bit more work on the questions and make it available. more

Some history behind 2 Corinthians

As you probably know, our series at the start of 2013 is the New Testament book of 2 Corinthians. On the first Sunday of the series, I tried to outline the background to the book, but it is a bit complex. So I've put the summary here, for those who want a reminder: more

Things that make my heart sing

On the first Saturday in January, the Connect Team gathered for a day of prayer, focusing and God and talking over some questions. We had a great time, and I believe that these times are significant, not least because they help the team to do its work of influencing the culture of the church in the right direction more effectively. more


At our last Sunday meeting of last year, one of the things we did was to write down the things we were thankful for.

worth waiting for


The Glory of the LORD

Nature's Arch more

The Glory of the LORD

Nature's Arch more

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