Let me stand ...

Recently I have been using an old book as part of my daily prayers. "A private diary of Prayer", by a chap called John Baillie. I only know of it because I acquired it from my Grandfather's book collection - it was printed in 1960.

Doing something Crazy - with God


prayer in the (very) early morning

Psalm 63 says: On my bed I remember you;  more

God is good - All the time!

blooms,daisies,flowers,gerbera daisies,nature,plants,seasons,spring


We have some great promises from God:

 in Romans 8 it says



I hadn't originally planned to speak on heaven so directly on Sunday, but I felt God provoked me to as I was chatting about the morning with Roger Cole about three weeks beforehand. I'd never prechaed on it before, but as I started preparing I realised what a wonderful and vast subject it is. more

sunshine on a rainy day....


Keep on running


Swallows and sparrows


Beautiful morning Beautiful day Beautiful God


Being obedient

Boo hiss. Do I have to? Be obedient? Every time? Every time God asks me to do something I have to confess that invariably this is my response! Not a great confession eh? Even today - I make an excuse, I wiggled and squirmed - I'll do it tomorrow - or at least that is what I have promised myself. more

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