Being obedient

Boo hiss. Do I have to? Be obedient? Every time? Every time God asks me to do something I have to confess that invariably this is my response! Not a great confession eh? Even today - I make an excuse, I wiggled and squirmed - I'll do it tomorrow - or at least that is what I have promised myself. more

A glass half full.....


Reflections on being ill

I claim no great experience of illness - many have faced far more than I have, deespite the last few months. Those months have been an unusual time for me - contrained to very little action and barely any thought for a couple of months and a slow process of recovery, which I have yet to fully complete. Along the way I hope I've learnt a thing or two, such as ... more

Something new!


From Death to Life


Cross in the Square

It was a real delight to see Cross in the Square come together this year. Yet again the cross was put centre stage, raised up in the middle of Wantage on Good Friday. Mant many thanks to all who got stuck in and helped to make it happen.


If you'd like to see some pictures check out: more

France and Sunday!

Wow! It was great to have Duncan Smith with us for the men's weekend, and it's been great to hear people's feedback. more

Summer reading

I find the summer can be a good moment to read a book or two. I finished “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk the other week. In it he lays out an approach to aligning pastoral care with the heart of Jesus which I loved. more

Who sets the rhythm?

I’m sat watching the rain after my daughters’ sports day. Lucy is at home and the other two are at parties a good half an hour from home, and so I have an hour or so to “kill” waiting for the parties to be over. This is one of those things they don’t warn you about in life: choosing to love other people consumes your time and messes up your plans. more

God's presence

I'm just home after this evening's family meetings. I love gathering with the people of God. I was reminded afresh this evening about how much God wants for everyone to know his presence, and to walk in step with him. He's great, and I love him. more

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