Love in action

Really enjoyed the inaugural South Oxfordshrie Celebration, gathering the Abingdon, Didcot and Wantage churches. As the old saying goes, we are definitely stronger together and it's was great to gathr to worhsip God together, to pray for couple of initiatives in the area and to hear Rich and Kate speak. more


As I said on Sunday, my arm took a bit of a knock a few days ago. As the pain wasn't getting better I took myself off the Abingdon Minor Injuries yesterday where they informed me that I had a minor fracture in a bone in my elbow. For those who like details, it is called a "cheese slice". As it happened in France, this seems very appropriate!

In at the deep end

8:30am, Sunday morning, enjoying a shower. D pops her head into the room to tell me that Steve called and I'm leading the celebration. In at the deep end again. To be honest, I enjoyed it and count it a privilege. It was great to worship God with passion together and to touch God's heart of compassion over the meeting. more


I was encouraged on Sunday. Admittedly, I often am, but I felt that we are starting to breakthrough in praise more than we have before. Giving time to giving God praise is a key to our lives and it is sustaining to us, and a blessing to God! It helps us to keep our focus on the awesome, amazing God we have the privilege of knowing (and whose limitless love for us we know). more

More snow!

Monday morning, and I'm sturck again by the beauty of the snow as it falls. OK, it's also a bit of a pain, slowing the traffic down, making it hard to get around, and meaning that we're not only cold, but also wet. more

At last - a not too complex week!

Monday morning comes around again! I suspect that today will be mainly dedicated to trying to work on my backog of email, admin and things like that! This is a fairly normal looking week for me, with lots of time meeting varous people in various places. more


Last week was a challenge and had some great news! I was hugely excited by the faith I´ve encountered in various members of the church over the last coupleof weeks - and the number of people whoǘe told me that they feel provoked by God to pray for one new person to get saved or join with us per week this year. more

January - how did that happen?

I really appreciate our week of prayer, although I'm secretly glad that I'm not opening the house each morning at 6:30am this week! It was great to see us gathering together and praying for God's blessing to increase in our region. We know that when God blesses, things get better for everyone, and praying is one of the keys to unlocking that. I'm also excited about the coming year. more


As you may have noticed as I spoke on Sunday, I am passionate about and utterly committed to the local church as the prime expression Christ in the world. That the local church is strengthen and grown in this by relating into networks and receiving outside ministry I also believ, but ultimately it is the local church which will change a locality to be a better and better place, for everyone. more

The other side

I very much enjoyed Stanley Mehta's talk on Sunday, which encouraged us to have the same heart as God; a heart which is always looking to move into places where God is less evident. As he said, there may be challenges along the way and challenges there, but there's nothing like being there as God does good things in a new context. more

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