January - how did that happen?

I really appreciate our week of prayer, although I'm secretly glad that I'm not opening the house each morning at 6:30am this week! It was great to see us gathering together and praying for God's blessing to increase in our region. We know that when God blesses, things get better for everyone, and praying is one of the keys to unlocking that. I'm also excited about the coming year. more


As you may have noticed as I spoke on Sunday, I am passionate about and utterly committed to the local church as the prime expression Christ in the world. That the local church is strengthen and grown in this by relating into networks and receiving outside ministry I also believ, but ultimately it is the local church which will change a locality to be a better and better place, for everyone. more

The other side

I very much enjoyed Stanley Mehta's talk on Sunday, which encouraged us to have the same heart as God; a heart which is always looking to move into places where God is less evident. As he said, there may be challenges along the way and challenges there, but there's nothing like being there as God does good things in a new context. more

Got away with that!

Well, I seem to have survived my encounters with the press. All about street pastors, a great initiative we are launching with 9 other churches in Wantage Grove. It was an interesting expereince being interviewed, and then waiting to see if what I said came out ok, and it seems to have, although I have never been called "Mr Townsend" so often in my life before! more


Last week was awesome. Seeing 140 people from 10 churches gathered to find out more about Street Pastors and then over 40 people take application forms, choosing to give up their time to show care and compaassion in our community ... what a privilege. more

Gault la foret



In the Old Testament, the priests went into the temple, honoured God, sacrificed to him and helped people to follow God. The great, amazing transition, as we touched on on Sunday, is that now, thanks to Jesus, each follower of Jesus is a priest. Even better, no longer do we have to go into a temple - we are individually and as a gathered body the temple where God dwells. more

Impact and strategy

Last week seemed to be a week about impact! I toook some time to list to a number of speakers to seek to gather as much as possible what God was wanting to whisper to me. It was my way of responding to what Eddy said to us on the 18th, altough, to be honest, I had planned it for some time. It was a clear time of encounter for me, and I thank God for the time. more

The sun is shining

The sun is shining! Phew!  more

Easter week

Even more than Christmas, I find it's very easy to charge through Easter and miss the point. I appreciated yesterday's three events - the procession, the Sunday service and the social walk afterwards. In a way they captured for me the delightful diversity of church. more

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