From Death to Life

Ok - so maybe it looked better in real life - but from empty wooden cross to brimming over with colour, scent and life. This is what Easter is all about from death to life. From Emptiness to wholeness. And not just for one day, but  for our whole lives and beyond. Easter can seem like a long time ago now (a whole 10 days ago) but it's message - it's truth remains; We have a hope and a future, we have a promise spoken over us that is steadfast and certain.

As I was walking through town today in the sunshine, yet looking at the big dark black clouds looming on the horizon I was reminded of the passage in Ezekiel: "There's the sound of heavy rain" - in a good way. We need this rain, the soil needs this rain. And the promises that you want to see fulfilled, that you need to see fulfilled - well look at the rain clouds that are gathering, they are carrying the promise of rain. God's clouds are gathering and even if you're having a bad day - remind yourself - his promises will be fulfilled and his kingdom will come - on earth as it is in heaven.

Denise Townsend
Life is worth sharing

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