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A new season

A number of people asked if they could have a copy of the power-point slides from this morning's sermon. Asuming that they weren't all just being nice (only kidding), I promised that I would put them in my blog. To get them, click here.more

we are led ...

On Sunday, as we looked at the book of 2 Corinthians, we discovered that chapter 2 verse 14 has alternative translations. I promised I would do a bit more work on the questions and make it available.more

Some history behind 2 Corinthians

As you probably know, our series at the start of 2013 is the New Testament book of 2 Corinthians. On the first Sunday of the series, I tried to outline the background to the book, but it is a bit complex. So I've put the summary here, for those who want a reminder:more

Things that make my heart sing

On the first Saturday in January, the Connect Team gathered for a day of prayer, focusing and God and talking over some questions. We had a great time, and I believe that these times are significant, not least because they help the team to do its work of influencing the culture of the church in the right direction more effectively.more


At our last Sunday meeting of last year, one of the things we did was to write down the things we were thankful for.more

Let me stand ...

Recently I have been using an old book as part of my daily prayers. "A private diary of Prayer", by a chap called John Baillie. I only know of it because I acquired it from my Grandfather's book collection - it was printed in 1960.more


I hadn't originally planned to speak on heaven so directly on Sunday, but I felt God provoked me to as I was chatting about the morning with Roger Cole about three weeks beforehand. I'd never prechaed on it before, but as I started preparing I realised what a wonderful and vast subject it is.more

Reflections on being ill

I claim no great experience of illness - many have faced far more than I have, deespite the last few months. Those months have been an unusual time for me - contrained to very little action and barely any thought for a couple of months and a slow process of recovery, which I have yet to fully complete. Along the way I hope I've learnt a thing or two, such as ...more

Cross in the Square

It was a real delight to see Cross in the Square come together this year. Yet again the cross was put centre stage, raised up in the middle of Wantage on Good Friday. Mant many thanks to all who got stuck in and helped to make it happen.


If you'd like to see some pictures check out:more

France and Sunday!

Wow! It was great to have Duncan Smith with us for the men's weekend, and it's been great to hear people's feedback.more

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