The other side

I very much enjoyed Stanley Mehta's talk on Sunday, which encouraged us to have the same heart as God; a heart which is always looking to move into places where God is less evident. As he said, there may be challenges along the way and challenges there, but there's nothing like being there as God does good things in a new context. As I think about the future and WCC, I get excited about how this might happen more and more in the coming years ... no idea about the details but dream of a church which trly lives out the mandate of Jesus on the earth: loving people like he did, seeing them set free like he did and seeing lives get transformed as more and more people get to know Jesus for themselves. Wow!

Perhaps this is one reason why I enjoyed the Street Pastors training over the weekend; it was all about being in new contexts and expressing care and love practically to people in our communities. It's been great over the last few months to see this initiative come together. The management team have been excellent and have made it very easy for everything to happen; they've done a huge ammount of leg work. First night October the 9th ... bring it on!


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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