As you may have noticed as I spoke on Sunday, I am passionate about and utterly committed to the local church as the prime expression Christ in the world. That the local church is strengthen and grown in this by relating into networks and receiving outside ministry I also believ, but ultimately it is the local church which will change a locality to be a better and better place, for everyone. I'm as committed to this today as much as I ever have been, and as I prepared for Sunday the majesty, beauty and brilliance of the local church and it's awesome call struck me afresh.

All of which only encourages me to encourage the church in Wantage to continue to be everything we can be in Christ to see more and more good stuff - peace, grace, love, life, joy, ... - exploding out more and more into the church and into our communities. God is great and what a privilege to help people discover him.

D and I were also very touched by the cards and gift on Sunday, which we were completely not expecting. We are priviliged to serve this church! This week we are celebrating Naomi's b irthday, which will be very cool, if a bit noisy. Bring it on!


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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