I hadn't originally planned to speak on heaven so directly on Sunday, but I felt God provoked me to as I was chatting about the morning with Roger Cole about three weeks beforehand. I'd never prechaed on it before, but as I started preparing I realised what a wonderful and vast subject it is. I hope that those that made it captured just a bit of quite how stunningly brilliant heaven is going to be!

One of the points was that, in heaven, God is fully and truly our highest delight. It sounds, perhaps, an odd thing to say, but God is not only perfect, he is also creative, dyniamic and, in total completeness, love. Who else could utterly satisfy and refresh our souls every minute? Only Him.

As part of that I'm trying to develop a habit I heard Carol Arnott commend at a conference recently, which she credited to a Swiss Doctor (Dr. Arne Elston, I think). Every ten minutes I try to stop whatever I'm doing and pause to praise God in some way for a few moments. It's been a good process so far, helping my perspective to stay in the right place (and to practise for heaven!)

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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