Let me stand ...

Recently I have been using an old book as part of my daily prayers. "A private diary of Prayer", by a chap called John Baillie. I only know of it because I acquired it from my Grandfather's book collection - it was printed in 1960. the wording is very old fashioned, but regularly I find it helps me to express to God things which are on  my heart. I was deeply struck by this morning's prayer, which I have rewritten (and slightly simplified) to flow better today:

You, who dwell in our human life, lifting it above the dominance of animal passions and greed, allowing it to shine with your light of love and joy and peace, and making it a mirror of the beauties of heaven, grant that my part in the world’s life today may not be to obscure the splendour of your presence but rather to make it more plainly visible to the eyes of those around me.

Let me stand today –

  • For whatever is pure and true and just and good:
  • For the advancement of truth and true knowledge
  • For the redemption of daily business from the blight of self-seeking:
  • For the rights of the weak and oppressed:
  • For industrial cooperation and mutual help:
  • For conservation of cultural richness from the past:
  • For the recognition of new workings of your Spirit in the minds of my own time:
  • For the hope of yet more glorious days to come.

Today, O Lord –

  • Let me put right before interest:
  • Let me put others before self:
  • Let me put the things of the spirit before the things of the body:
  • Let me put noble aims above the enjoyment of present pleasures:
  • Let me put principle above reputation:
  • Let me put people above purpose:
  • Let me put You before all else.
  • You, the whose all-pervading glory appeared unbroken in the face of Jesus, give me today a heart like his – a brave heart, a true heart, a tender heart, a heart with great room in it, a heart fixed on You; for His name’s sake.


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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