Celebrate Recovery

Finding freedom from life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups.

As we go through life, each of us is faced with, hurts from other people or ourselves, habits that mess up our lives and hang-ups that cause us pain. Often we can find a way through these, but sometimes we “get stuck” and can’t always identify why. Celebrate Recovery offers a way to freedom. It has been instrumental in freeing and healing thousands of people, helping them find a life worth living.

It is:

  • Bibically-based recovery though Jesus
  • A 12 step program running over 9 months
  • A celebration of God's healing power over our lives

Celebrate Recovery can provide:

  • A safe place of belonging and sharing
  • A safe place to identify and work through issues causing pain
  • An opportunity to find support through an accountability partner and a ‘sponsor’

Celebrate Recovery will not:

  • Attempt to counsel participants
  • Allow its members to try to ‘fix’ you

Celebrate Recovery offers a way to freedom from things like:

Over-work | Over-spending | Addictions | Alcoholism | Eating disorders Grief | Guilt | Anger | Rage | Fear | Anxiety |Relationship issues | Abuse Co-dependency | Insecurity | Perfectionism | Insecurity | Hypochondria | Lying | Pornography |Controlling behaviours | Procrastination | and more...

A typical course evening:

7.45pm Refreshments

8.00pm Worship & teaching of the evening’s theme

8.45pm Sharing in single sex small groups around the evening’s theme

9.30pm Celebrate Recovery Café

Course Details:

Celebrate Recovery will not be running in 2013-14.

Want to know more?

Visit www.celebraterecovery.co.uk or contact Geoff Norridge at geoffn@occ.org.uk or telephone 01993 772375.