We meet most Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at St. Birinus School, Mereland Road, Didcot (see How to find us). It is worth giving us a call (see Contact us) before you visit for the first time as every few months we meet in Oxford with the rest of the Oxfordshire Community Churches and there isn't a meeting in Didcot on that day.


We know how difficult it is to visit a church meeting for the first time, especially if you are not a regular church goer. We try to make it is relaxed and informal as possible - just come and be yourself. If you are nervous about just turning up on your own one Sunday morning, why not get in touch with us and someone will be able to give you a lift and come along with you. Our Sunday meetings are very informal, people wear casual clothes not their "Sunday best" and you will be made very welcome.

We have a number of adults and children with disabilities in the church and understand the challenges this brings to individuals. The school is wheelchair accessible, we use Powerpoint for easier viewing and use a loop system to assist people with hearing aids.

Our Sunday morning meeting seems to be enjoyed by all ages! We start promptly with a time of worship for the whole family, this usually lasts about half an hour and we encourage people to participate with prayers, Bible readings and other spiritual gifts. The music is a mixture of contemporary worship songs and well-known hymns played by a talented group of musicians (guitars, keyboards, drums, singers and wind instruments). We encourage children to get involved and if it's all a bit much for the little ones there is always the creche to go to.

We then have a break so children can go to their groups. They get involved in all sorts of activities with crafts and games, teaching and singing. All our children's workers are required to have attended the OCC Child Protection course and have completed UK Government disclosure forms.

The break is also a good time to say hello to friends and visitors. There's usually a bit of church family news and events to talk about. While the children enjoy their groups the adults have a talk which is about half an hour long and always based on the Bible. The whole meeting lasts a maximum of an hour and a half and then there's time for refreshments and a chat.