Kingdom Education

We believe that one of the things God has called us to be as a group of churches is to be both salt and light in the whole area of education - helping, supporting and encouraging an awareness of faith issues in local main stream schools but also demonstrating, to the best of our ability, how education can work with Christ at the centre. For some of our work in the first area, see our schools work page.  In the second area (developing Christian education), we have established a school together with the other churches of OCC, based in Witney and are seeking to develop this vision more widely.


The King's School    

The King's School is a Christian co-ed independent school in West Oxfordshire for pupils aged 6-16 years and part of the work of Oxfordshire Community Churches (OCC). The school, started in 1984 is now well established and has excellent academic results.  

For more information about the school, click on the link at the bottom of our home page or look at Alternatively, contact Mr Stephen Beegoo, Principal, via the school office on 01993 778463.

A Growing Vision

Locally, OCC is developing pre-schools around Oxfordshire and we currently have Stepping Stones, a early years foundation stage unit based at The King's School and The King's Pre-School in Bicester. God has given us a vision to see some of these develop into local community schools in the future, with some provision for infant classes which would later feed into the King's School in Witney.

Nationally and internationally, especially in Africa, the King's School and the lessons learnt there have enabled us to help other local churches and groups of churches to establish schools for kingdom education - often in areas where little or no education has been available before. Members of the OCC apostolic team and teachers and pupils from the King's School give on-going support to schools in Poland, Kazakstan, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia among other places.