Half term already!

Sunday morning was a dleight to me, as we worshipped God, head some great stories of him at work in our lives and were encouraged to keep ourselves equipped in God for all he is doing now and is going to do. Good to hear a diversity of people involved. God is moving, and we have the great privilege of being part! Well done also to Jude on preaching. Although the weather has turned a bit colder and wetter (I imagine the farmers are giving things for answered prayers), for me this time of year is a delight as we enjoy more light and a slightly greater sense of space.

As you will have picked up if you were there, our Naomi clonked her head just before the meeting, cutting it. She has recoveed fine and is busy playing as I type this blog. As a family we're taking a couple of days holiday this week before I spend thre days in France at the leadership confeence for the french network. Having not been out of the country for a while, the trips are all clogged together at the moment, but things should calm down a bit next half term. I look forwards to being back in Wantage on Sunday morning, worshiping with the coolest market town church in the world, WCC.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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