Volunteer Team

‘Many hands make light work!’

Since OCC moved into The King’s Centre in 2001, the number of meetings, seminars and conferences that take place here has grown significantly and with permission granted from Oxford City Council to host events not directly linked to OCC, this has resulted in some very busy weeks here at the Centre recently. 

This is very exciting and an answer to our prayers that God would use The Centre for the benefit of as many people as possible. However, with this blessing also comes a challenge regarding manpower, although Stuart and Sue are dedicated to ensuring the Centre’s functions run smoothly, we often require help for events such as external conferences and meetings, weddings etc.

In order to meet these needs we would like to ask you, would you like to be a member of The King’s Centre Volunteer Team?

Duties of a King’s Centre Volunteer Team member would include:

  • Setting up furniture/décor
  • Clearing away after an event
  • Room changeover for multi-function events (i.e. weddings)
  • Food preparation/serving/washing up
  • Stewarding and security, including car parking attendance

All this of course would be subject to your availability each time and we appreciate some of you may not be available during week days but may be able to offer help at weekends, others vice versa. We would of course try to plan ahead and contact you a couple of weeks previously to needing your help, but there may be other times when we need a team member at short notice! The main point is that we have a bank of Volunteers to call on.

In return we can offer you the following:

  • Certificated training in food hygiene and handling
  • Full training in cleaning and stewarding/security for the Centre
  • The enjoyment of functioning in a team with other King’s Centre VolunteersA pleasant working environment
  • An opportunity to get to know how this multi-functional Centre works

If you would like to be a member of The King’s Centre Volunteer Team, please contact Stuart Waddington on 01865 297 400 or email stuartw@kingscentre.co.uk.