Going Deeper


So having spent 2 days with around 90 ladies from across South Oxfordshire a moth ago, what are my reflections? Well, going deeper means stepping out of my comfort zone, it means serving and praying and worshipping God together. Anita Cleverly provoked and encouraged us in 3 areas:


The unavoidable experience of suffering: We need to remember that NONE OF OUR PRAYERS ARE WASTED. Obvious I know, but crucial to our walk of faith. We have to remember that no-one owes us anything - we owe everything to God. We need to be a church who don't claim their rights or entitlements, but give of ourselves for free. We need to remember - if we can worry - we can meditate! 


The unsearchable riches of worship: We were created to hear the voice of God, we don't need to be perfect for god to use us - we need to have an attitude of heart where we have no agenda but the presence of God.


The unfathomable power of prayer: More things are wrought by the power of prayer than we ever give credit to (Tennyson). Our prayers are not lost in the ether, but we do need to persevere in prayer. Wherever you go keep God in mind; whatever you are doing follow the Holy Spirit; wherever you are stay there and don't move on in a hurry.

we need intercession and intervention: Pray for justice, pray for your nation, pray for your government, pray for the church & pray for the next generation......

And whatever he has put in your hand - use it!

Denise Townsend
Life is worth sharing

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