A new season

A number of people asked if they could have a copy of the power-point slides from this morning's sermon. Asuming that they weren't all just being nice (only kidding), I promised that I would put them in my blog. To get them, click here. The images in the notes obviously remain copyright their original authors, not least the awesome "tube map" by the magnificent Matt Biddlecombe. The talk itself should appear in the audio resources section of this website assuming the marvelous Dave Bridge has been able to upload it - click on the link on the right of this page to get there.

I hope you get loads from thinking through the message of Isaiah over the coming months, I was blown away as I prepared for this morning, looking at the perspective of God - the amazing perspective that God is speaking as a father grieved by the pain of his children, not as a judge who needs to punish. Even judgement by God is a way of exercising compassion: it's goal is the expose the reality to poeple unaware that they are heading to destruction so that they can get bacl to a path of living in God's best for them.


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Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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